We are looking for an Engineer who can help us build Squad. We are an early stage startup but have already built two profitable product-business units, thereby proving our core hypothesis that products powered by technology and built on top of a Distributed Workforce can solve complex problems at scale.

We have recently ventured into our most ambitious bet yet, launching SquadVoice in the US Market, and the stakes are extremely high.

About the Opportunity

You will join the team as a "Product Engineer". We believe that in early stage startups, there are no Engineering teams. There are only Product Teams. What it means is that not only are you responsible for "how does it work technically", but also "should we make this?", "how well should we build this?", "is this what the user/customer needs?".

You will be responsible for owning features that you build end to end, starting from "how to solve it" to "is it creating the impact we thought it would?". From a technological perspective, you will be responsible in making sure your solution is appropriately performant and scalable for the problem you are solving, and that it meets Squad Engineering's functional and non-functional requirements (like code quality, speed, flexibility to change etc.).

You will also be responsible for the platform's infrastructure in general. We don't have a separate devops team and divide all the devops work in a round robin and voluntary fashion.

We are majorly a Python shop and use Django and PostgreSQL to power our backend. We are running on AWS and, other than EC2, S3 and RDS, also use Athena, API Gateway, SQS and Lambdas in production. We also use Redis and RabbitMQ for caching and queuing needs.

If you are interested, Kevin from our Engineering Team wrote a blog that offers a comprehensive window to the coding culture and ethics at Squad: Squad takes the Joel Test.

Basic Requirements:-

  1. You should be a 2018 graduate or graduating in 2019
  2. You should have more than 6 months of internship/work experience.
  3. You are generally curious/interested in tech, motivated, creative/entrepreneurial, energetic, humble and hard-working
  4. Most important - willing to go that extra mile to get the work done.

Setting Expectations right

Oftentimes we have noticed people coming in with expectations that we can't match and want to make a few things clear:

  1. Squad is an early stage startup, which means there is a lot of fluidity around workload and roles. The kind of work you will get will vary a lot. From past experience, it will range from brain-storming ideas on how to increase the impact our product has on the Customer's revenue, to waking up at 2 in the night and help our Operations team solve an urgent problem, from working on serverless systems and making a scalable way to assign a score to the leads in a Customer's database, to working with HTML/CSS for adding a button on our customer dashboard. It will also range from tracing a bug that didn't allow some users to sign-up to the app, to replying to disgruntled users on the App store regarding that same bug.
  2. Sometimes things will be more sorted and you will have complete clarity on what you are going to work on for the next 3 weeks, always. And occasionally we will be figuring out what would work and you will only have visibility over what you are doing right now.
  3. So, if this is a red flag for you, Squad might not be the right fit. But if you are someone who thrives on uncertainty and is a go-getter, you would be a great fit. We are, and function like, an early stage startup.
  4. Needless to say, the role will be highly challenging :)

But, as far as your personal and professional growth is concerned, we won't ever use this as an excuse for not providing you a healthy, friendly environment where you can do the best work of your life. People who join Squad are extremely smart and you will end up forging lifelong bonds here.

What's in it for you?

People who have joined us in the past have experienced tremendous growth. You will not only become a better software engineer, but we believe that you will have a much more well rounded growth where you will learn more about devops, databases, frontend and backend technologies.

Being part of a small team, you will also work directly with the founders and have good transparency into the business strategy, and get to see how a business is built.

You can read more about our values and culture at: https://www.squadplatform.com/careers/

Here are a few pieces our Engineers have learnt and written about it in the past:

  1. Experience of a startup from a developer’s desk
  2. Two years with celery in production
  3. 6 Lessons I learned to help keep software simple
  4. How I stopped being awful at managing
  5. More at Squad Engineering's Medium Publication

Other Benefits:

  1. All three meals are on the house :)
  2. No vacation policy, which means you are not entitled to a specific number of leaves per year. You can take time off from work according to what suits you the best. Needless to say, the system works on trust and we expect you to make fair decisions based on the team's needs.
  3. We have alternate Saturdays off (to be honest, some months have more holidays than others, but roughly, you get alternate 5-day weeks)

About Squad

Squad combines crowdsourcing and AI in one platform to help solve large-scale operational processes. Humans are great at solving complex tasks but perform poorly at repetitive tasks whereas ML works great with bounded repetitive problems & fails with open problems. We see ML & a distributed workforce as two key phenomenons that would drastically change how work gets done in the future.

We leverage these two in the following product offerings:

  1. Squad's Internet Safety Platform: Squad’s AI-powered enterprise SaaS platform provides all of the tools an operations team needs to automate their business processes. This helps them scale with unprecedented SLAs of speed, accuracy, flexibility, and cost. Leaders in online commerce like Uber, Sephora, Tata Group, Flipkart, Rocket Internet, Teespring and other data-intensive businesses use our platform across their entire data cycle, providing better moderation, deep data attribution, search, recommendations, customer onboarding, and insights, resulting in higher conversions and improved user experience
  2. Squad Voice: Our elastic distributed team of 1000+ trained call-agents reach out to prospective inbound leads within a matter of minutes, and effectively nurture and qualify them for sales teams, making sales for the customer extremely streamlined and predictable. We also optimize several call variables to create a significant increase in conversions. Customers include fintech, edtech, commerce players in India.

After scaling these two products as separate profitable units, we have now recently launched SquadVoice in the US Market, targeting the Real Estate industry there.

We are a well-balanced team of experienced entrepreneurs and are backed by top investors across India and the Silicon Valley (Blume Ventures, 91springboard, senior product execs at Square, Genpact & Flipkart; co-founders of Infosys, Snapdeal, Slideshare, Zomato etc)

Our platform empowers college students, stay at home mothers and grey collared workers as a stable source of income for working on their smartphone (via our Android app). Our contractors earn 3x of what a typical back office BPO employee makes. For us, this is truly impactful. Every day, we see success stories such as how a single mother is sustaining herself. Empowering our contractors to be financially independent is a strong part of our vision!

This is just the beginning and we're here to change the world.


Location: Noida, Delhi NCR

Role: Product Engineer: SE1

Joining: Immediately

CTC: 9-12 LPA + ESOPs