We’re looking for entrepreneurial people with the right mix of hunger, experience, and cultural fit to help us realize our vision of ‘re-imagining how work gets done’.

About Squad

Humans + AI = Future of Work

SquadVoice: Traditional relationship-driven high-ticket consumer sales (like real estate) has zero intelligence and lacks sales acceleration tech. As a result, conversions are poor. We fix exactly that and enable teams to close 2-4x more deals on the same spend.

SquadVoice bridges the gap between marketing and sales by driving more qualified leads to sales-reps, increases ‘active pipeline’, making reps more productive and accountable, thereby driving a 2-4x increase in deals. We’re improving our funnel with every transaction that’s going through the system as we’re sitting on top of CRM data which no one’s using.

After scaling this product in India, we launched SquadVoice in the US, targeting the Real Estate industry, and are looking to scale this further. Here’s the latest deck.

It’s an exciting time at Squad. 6 months into our launch in the US Real Estate market, we are really blowing up (growing 50%+ MoM)! As we venture into our next phase of growth, we are looking for passionate individuals to be a part of our journey and co-build Squad with us.


  1. Atleast, 2 years experience building a data science product
  2. Education: Graduate (BE/BTech) in a relevant domain
  3. Strong understanding of Data Science. Ability to identify where ML/DS can be leveraged
  4. Great understanding of model performance metrics. Knowing which metric matters for what use case
  5. Open-minded with experimentation. Has good hold over experimental design.
  6. Has an agile mindset. And yes, that doesn’t mean putting in place a cookie cutter agile framework but it’s more about staying true to the ethos of agile
  7. Excellent at breaking down product milestones into multiple small iterations. Fail-fast approach.
  8. Not shy of getting your hands dirty. Someone who understands that staying closer to the problem & forming a good domain context often involves doing some grunt work.
  9. Good understanding of how data platforms work in production & knowledge of how data infrastructural components function
  10. Ability to stay focused on outcomes over output. We operate in cross-functional teams with OKRs. Excellent outcome based prioritization skills.
  11. Traits & culture: Entrepreneurial & willing go the extra mile. Manager of one. You can read more about our values and culture at: https://www.squadplatform.com/careers/.

Core responsibilities

  1. Owning the roadmap & strategy of the data science products you’ll be responsible for
  2. Responsible for defining the right outcomes/OKRs. Religiously tracking the outcomes to the granular level.
  3. Prioritizing the experiments in close collaboration with product engineers & data scientists
  4. Responsible for defining clear specs. And shaping our data platform while anticipating future needs
  5. Working closely with engineering & to build infrastructure for productionizing our algorithms
  6. Keeping all the relevant stakeholders aligned during decision making (SPADE)
  7. Defining mutual contracts with interfacing product teams
  8. Talking to customers & doing the legwork to gain domain expertise
  9. Actively contribute towards growing the product culture at Squad

What's in it for you?

People who have joined us in the past have experienced tremendous growth. You will get to join our product team at a very early stage with significant potential for impact to our future growth. Check out our medium publication for more. :)

Being part of a small team, you will also work directly with the founders and have good transparency into the business strategy, and get to see how a business is built. People who join Squad are extremely smart and you will end up forging lifelong bonds here. :)


  • Compensation: ₹16-22 LPA + ESOPs
  • Location: Noida, NCR
  • Joining Date: Tomorrow ;)

Why should you consider us seriously?

  • We believe that longer term, people >> product & profits and prioritize culture over everything else. Check out http://bit.ly/culture-deck-squad. See Glassdoor reviews.
  • We have an audacious vision of reimagining how work gets done! We’re one of the few applications of AI/ Machine Learning that actually has a massive market and business model to create a long term valuable business rather than a short-term acquisition play!
  • We have plans to grow 10x in the next 1.5 years.
  • We are a well-balanced team of experienced entrepreneurs and are backed by top investors across India and the Silicon Valley (Blume Ventures, Abstract Ventures, Emergent Ventures; Senior execs at Google, Square, Genpact & Flipkart; Co-founders of Infosys, Snapdeal, Slideshare, Zomato, etc)
  • Our platform empowers stay at home mothers and grey collared workers as a stable source of income across India and US. For us, this is truly impactful. Every day, we see success stories such as - how a single mother is sustaining herself. Empowering our contractors to be financially independent is a strong part of our vision!
  • Other benefits
    • All meals are on the house :)
    • Unlimited vacation policy, which means you are not entitled to a specific number of leaves per year. You can take time off from work according to what suits you the best. Needless to say, the system works on trust and we expect you to make fair decisions based on the team's needs.
    • You can read more about our values and culture : https://www.squadplatform.com/careers/

This is just the beginning and we're here to change the world. :)